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About Us

About Us

Smart life care is the shortcut to health and longevity.
We, ASFREYA, realize disease prevention and pre-illness care through health care based on the latest science such as exosomes, and take a deep approach to your health and beauty.

Our Business

1.Exosome Business

  • Collaboration with pharmaceutical and related companies in drug discovery seeds (nucleic acid drugs)
  • Manufacture and sale of dry powder (beauty-related products and health foods)
  • Research and development for exosomes
  • Sales of exosome-containing cosmetics

2.Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business

  • Dental pulp-derived stem cell culture supernatant(Stemsup™-DP)
  • Adipose-derived stem cell culture supernatant(Stemsup™-A)
  • Umbilical cord-derived stem cell culture supernatant(Stemsup™-Uc)
  • Freeze-dried powder(Stemsup™️-DP)

3.Cosmetic Raw Material Sales Business

  • Human dental pulp cell acclimatization culture solution(QuoStem™️-DP)
  • Human adipocyte acclimatization culture solution(Quostem™️-A)
  • Human umbilical cord cell acclimatization culture solution((Quostem™️-UC)

4.Cosmetics Manufacturing and Sales Business

5.Regenerative Medicine Support

  • Support and consulting for the introduction of regenerative medicine

Medical institutions considering the introduction of regenerative medicine will need to prepare for the introduction based on "Act on Ensuring Safety of Regenerative Medicine, etc".
We provide comprehensive support from preparation of the regenerative medicine provision plan to application support.

Diabetes / arteriosclerosis / liver disorders / atopic dermatitis / chronic pain / dermal fibroblasts / osteoarthritis / breast

Corporate name ASFREYA INC.
Executive Officers Chief Executive Officer: Sachie Kuniki / Chief Operating Officer: Shigeru Enomoto
Location 5-5 NLC Shin-Osaka 18 Bldg., 3-18-21 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-city, OSAKA 532-0011 JAPAN
Telephone & Fax Numbers TEL.06-6829-6287 FAX.06-6829-6286